Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bud's Louisiana Cafe

Happy Saturday everyone! This week went by way too fast but I am so happy it is the weekend. My drive home each night from work varies anywhere from 40-80 minutes. yea... it can be a little crazy at times. On my drive home on Thursday, I decided to stop at Bud's Louisiana Cafe which is off of the I-15 and Balboa.  I am pretty much in love with their beignets and would eat them all day long if I could. The best part about this restaurant? PEANUT FREE. The owner actually has a peanut allergy, himself which puts my mind at ease knowing someone actually gets it! This is one of the reasons why I have eaten here so many times, it is always nice being able to add another restaurant to the list of safe places for Rachel to eat. They also have a dietary menu that can be found here if you're someone who has other dietary needs. 

I started off with their Seasoned French Fries and their ranch. I am a ranch dressing connoisseur and can I just say, that this was really good ranch...sounds crazy, but it is a bummer when you get french fries and the ranch isn't what you expected. But, omg love love love. I had to stop myself from eating the entire plate so I would have room for the main dish and the BEIGNETS! 

For my main dish, I got the Louisiana Chicken served with rice. The last time, I asked for it with pasta, but, I must say sticking with the original was way better. The sauce that comes with the dish is amazing and the chicken was cooked perfectly. You know it is cooked well when you don't even need a knife. I justwish I could have eaten the entire dish but I knew I wanted dessert, plus I needed lunch for the next day :)  

MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT EATING HERE! These little friends are the best things in the whole entire world.  I have driven all the way from my house to Bud's at 8:30 p.m. just to get Beignets. The only bummer is they don't serve them everyday! Here is the schedule for this lovely heavenly dessert. 

Monday - Friday
breakfast from 7:00 am - 10:00 am
Monday Lunch until 2:30

Wednesday and Thursday dinners
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Noon - 9:00 pm

Even if you just go here for the Beignets, you won't be disappointed. Definitely plan on making a reservation though, because it is a smaller restaurant and the wait can get long on the weekends. 

Just go here, and enjoy. Plus their staff are all pretty, so they are fun to look at ;)
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Twitter// BudsCafe

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