Friday, September 23, 2016

Il Fornaio + the best view

Oh WOW! I think my excuse of work and being super busy can no longer be used, even though it is so true.  I promise I have been collecting all the pictures and taking notes at all the restaurants we have been going to, I just seem to never have time to post them. I am going to talk about one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, Il Fornaio... there are two locations. One is in Del Mar and the other is on the bay in Coronado. I have been to both locations but nothing beats the view from Coronado overlooking the downtown skyline and water. HEART EYES FOR DAYS!

The first time I went here was before a dance in high school. One of those dances where you dress up, get a limo, and go to dinner with a bunch of your friends. I still remember getting the Margarita Pizza and it was soooo yummy, I just had to go back. Almost 7 years later, and I have my whole family hooked. PLUSSSS, they were so great with my allergy. Some might be thinking, it is Italian food, could they really use Peanuts or Peanut Butter for anything? My answer is "you never know!" I went to a Mexican restaurant thinking that and found out that they will sometimes use Peanut Butter to thicken the enchilada sauce. So from that day on I never assumed and ALWAYS ask. They were so helpful and so empathetic to my allergy at Il Fornaio. When they came out with my food they assured me once again that I was safe to eat and that the chef was aware of my allergy. I know I've said this in previous posts but having a restaurant go out of their way to make me feel like I am the most important customer there is really something special. I am thankful for people who take my allergy as serious as it actually is. Oh! They also have a gluten free menu!

Now on to the good stuff... the food! One of our favorite appetizers is their Bruschetta. It is seriously heaven... but if you don't want to go the appetizer route, don't worry because they bring my favorite thing to the table... BREAD.

I have tried many of their dishes but always seem to come back to the traditional Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese (pictured closest) They are also really great at taking special instructions. For the longest time I was not a fan of meat sauce... not sure why.. don't ask. So I was always asking for just plain sauce but to add chicken. They were always so kind about me doing this. The other two dishes here are Conchiglie Al Pollo (with the broccoli) and the special of the day –

Just go here. It is a little more expensive than some restaurants ...but it is so worth it. But, you can save some money by doing half orders which is available on all their dishes. The food, the view, and the customer service are all A+++

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