Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 Ways to Organize Your Life

If you are already subscribed to my channel, then you have seen this video already... or maybe not! I've decided to step away from school related videos for a bit, because as many of you know I am no longer in school since i've graduated, so trying to come up with new material each week can be a little challenging. But, organization is something that I will always love and I figured this would be a great video. Make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking here , you can either watch the video below are read the my 5 tricks at the bottom of this post :) Enjoy!

  1. Use a planner- I know I say this in pretty much ever video, but I can not stress this enough. Having a place where you can write your schedule for the day down will help you feel less overwhelmed. Make it a habit to take it out first thing when you get into class or the last thing you do before you pack up and leave. While in class,  I would always leave my planner opened to the day and had it ready to go just in case my professor said anything important.
  2. Write everything down- It is easy to use a planner for appointments, events and deadlines, but don't forget to write down important details of the things you need to get done. To do lists are your best friend and writing down small details will guarantee you will not forget.
  3. Clean as you go- This might seem silly to some, but my motto is not to wait until the last second to clean everything up! Try and clean as you go. If you're making dinner, try and rinse the mixing bowl while you let the food cool down, or put away the spices while dinner is cooking.  Cleaning little by little will help maintain your living space and you won't have to have huge cleaning days where your entire day is taken up by cleaning.
  4. Everything should have a home- All items in your room or apartment should have a home. I made sure that when I reorganized my desk that each drawer had a specific purpose. You can find my desk tour/organization video here. Eventually this will become second nature which will help you stop misplacing things!
  5. Get rid of things you don't use-  This can be a hard task, because no one likes getting rid of things but if you haven't used something in over a year, I think it is easy to say you no longer need it. Make a list of what you think you should own (how many pairs of jeans, shirts, shoes..etc) and then compare this list to what you actually own. This will help you reevaluate what you have and if you actually need it. I talk about other ways to decide on what to donate in my video called "5 Ways to Organize your Fashion Life" found here.

Monday, November 21, 2016

November Roundup


Photo Details: Jeans Forever 21, Shirt Similar here
Photo Details: Shirt Hollister

Photo Detail: Flannel Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans Forever 21

Photo Details: Scarf Forever 21 (Similar here), Shirt Old Navy

Photo Details: Shoes Converse, Jeans Hollister, Shirt Hollister

Photo Details: Flannel Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans Forever 21, Purse Similar here
Photo details: Oxfords here

It is somehow Thanksgiving week and I am still trying to figure out how it is the middle of November... I decided it was time to do a recap of all my Instagram posts from the last few weeks. I did a lot of repeat posts from months a lot of the clothes I am wearing are no longer available :( But, I will say this... most of my clothes are from Forever 21... probably about 90% of my closet, so if you can't find the exact outfit, I am sure you will find something similar there :)