Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Ways to Organize your Fashion Life

It is safe to say that my closet is one of my favorite places, I could stand there for hours putting together outfits. I am sure everyones closet has been a little crazy looking at one point or another, so I thought I would put together a video on the ways that have helped me keep an organized closest/fashion life! The video is below, or if you just want to read what I said, you will find it under this video :) Enjoy! 

  1. Color coding- Ever since I was young, I was taught to color code my wardrobe. This might seem like a tedious task but it has really cut my time i stand in my closest thinking of what to wear in half. Now, I can at least go I want to wear a pink shirt and go straight to my pink section and decided versus have to sort through every shirt I own until I find the one I want! But, just because I have been doing this for awhile doesn’t mean I still don’t get lazy. Every few months I have to go in and make sure everything is in order or even re do my color coding system.
  2. Folding- I never realized until just recently that the way you fold your clothes can make a huge difference in space. For the longest time, I was folding my shorts like this, and it wasn’t efficient. I realized I was only wearing the shorts on the top and was forgetting about everything else. So this was my solution!
  3. Donate-I talked about this in my last video on how to organize your life, but we all know how hard it is to get rid of old clothes especially when we think we will wear it again. My trick is the handy dandy hanger trick. What you do is turn all of your clothes hangers facing the opposite direction like this. Once you wear something make sure to hang it up the right way. After 6 months or however long you want to go, you will go to your closet and the clothes that the hangers are still facing backwards, those are the clothes you will want to think about donating.  I am sure there are other tricks that are similar to this but this is the one that has worked for me and has let me see the truth…
  4. Shoeboxes- I know this is something you can find anyone saying..but shoeboxes make a great organization tool. My sock drawer in my closet used to be crazy and it was one of those things that I would open it and quickly close it because it was so unorganized. I finally decided to try this trick that I had seen multiple other places, and that was to get a two shoeboxes and designate each shoebox to a certain style of sock. Not only do I know where each style is now but I also can open this drawer without feeling hectic inside! 


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