Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweater Weather in San Diego

The weather is finally cooling down and I am determined to wear as many sweaters as I can before it is blazing hot again. I decided to pair this cute knit sweater from Kohl's tucked in to my black high waisted Hollister jeans and Steve Madden Combats. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bear ♡ Sweater

This sweater has become a new favorite this fall/winter. I was always struggling with what jeans to wear with it since it is a crop sweater. I ended up getting these high waisted Hollister skinny jeans in this medium wash as well as black and just love pairing them with anything "cropped" This cute hot pink belt that I found in the little girls section at Target pulled the whole look together and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cowl Neck Sweater

Two weeks off from work means new content for the blog :) I am hoping to get on a better schedule with posting so I don't go MIA. 

This sweater is one of my favorites, it can be paired with just about anything and because of the beautiful details there is no need to accessorize, unless you really feel the need! I chose to wear my medium wash skinny jeans from Hollister, with brown over the knee boots. You wouldn't be able to tell from the photos but it was about 70+ degrees and super muggy when I was taking these photos. I definitely thought it was cooler out because of how overcast it was.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Ways to Organize your Fashion Life

It is safe to say that my closet is one of my favorite places, I could stand there for hours putting together outfits. I am sure everyones closet has been a little crazy looking at one point or another, so I thought I would put together a video on the ways that have helped me keep an organized closest/fashion life! The video is below, or if you just want to read what I said, you will find it under this video :) Enjoy! 

  1. Color coding- Ever since I was young, I was taught to color code my wardrobe. This might seem like a tedious task but it has really cut my time i stand in my closest thinking of what to wear in half. Now, I can at least go I want to wear a pink shirt and go straight to my pink section and decided versus have to sort through every shirt I own until I find the one I want! But, just because I have been doing this for awhile doesn’t mean I still don’t get lazy. Every few months I have to go in and make sure everything is in order or even re do my color coding system.
  2. Folding- I never realized until just recently that the way you fold your clothes can make a huge difference in space. For the longest time, I was folding my shorts like this, and it wasn’t efficient. I realized I was only wearing the shorts on the top and was forgetting about everything else. So this was my solution!
  3. Donate-I talked about this in my last video on how to organize your life, but we all know how hard it is to get rid of old clothes especially when we think we will wear it again. My trick is the handy dandy hanger trick. What you do is turn all of your clothes hangers facing the opposite direction like this. Once you wear something make sure to hang it up the right way. After 6 months or however long you want to go, you will go to your closet and the clothes that the hangers are still facing backwards, those are the clothes you will want to think about donating.  I am sure there are other tricks that are similar to this but this is the one that has worked for me and has let me see the truth…
  4. Shoeboxes- I know this is something you can find anyone saying..but shoeboxes make a great organization tool. My sock drawer in my closet used to be crazy and it was one of those things that I would open it and quickly close it because it was so unorganized. I finally decided to try this trick that I had seen multiple other places, and that was to get a two shoeboxes and designate each shoebox to a certain style of sock. Not only do I know where each style is now but I also can open this drawer without feeling hectic inside! 

    Sunday, November 27, 2016

    5 Ways to Organize Your Life

    If you are already subscribed to my channel, then you have seen this video already... or maybe not! I've decided to step away from school related videos for a bit, because as many of you know I am no longer in school since i've graduated, so trying to come up with new material each week can be a little challenging. But, organization is something that I will always love and I figured this would be a great video. Make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking here , you can either watch the video below are read the my 5 tricks at the bottom of this post :) Enjoy!

    1. Use a planner- I know I say this in pretty much ever video, but I can not stress this enough. Having a place where you can write your schedule for the day down will help you feel less overwhelmed. Make it a habit to take it out first thing when you get into class or the last thing you do before you pack up and leave. While in class,  I would always leave my planner opened to the day and had it ready to go just in case my professor said anything important.
    2. Write everything down- It is easy to use a planner for appointments, events and deadlines, but don't forget to write down important details of the things you need to get done. To do lists are your best friend and writing down small details will guarantee you will not forget.
    3. Clean as you go- This might seem silly to some, but my motto is not to wait until the last second to clean everything up! Try and clean as you go. If you're making dinner, try and rinse the mixing bowl while you let the food cool down, or put away the spices while dinner is cooking.  Cleaning little by little will help maintain your living space and you won't have to have huge cleaning days where your entire day is taken up by cleaning.
    4. Everything should have a home- All items in your room or apartment should have a home. I made sure that when I reorganized my desk that each drawer had a specific purpose. You can find my desk tour/organization video here. Eventually this will become second nature which will help you stop misplacing things!
    5. Get rid of things you don't use-  This can be a hard task, because no one likes getting rid of things but if you haven't used something in over a year, I think it is easy to say you no longer need it. Make a list of what you think you should own (how many pairs of jeans, shirts, shoes..etc) and then compare this list to what you actually own. This will help you reevaluate what you have and if you actually need it. I talk about other ways to decide on what to donate in my video called "5 Ways to Organize your Fashion Life" found here.

    Monday, November 21, 2016

    November Roundup


    Photo Details: Jeans Forever 21, Shirt Similar here
    Photo Details: Shirt Hollister

    Photo Detail: Flannel Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans Forever 21

    Photo Details: Scarf Forever 21 (Similar here), Shirt Old Navy

    Photo Details: Shoes Converse, Jeans Hollister, Shirt Hollister

    Photo Details: Flannel Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans Forever 21, Purse Similar here
    Photo details: Oxfords here

    It is somehow Thanksgiving week and I am still trying to figure out how it is the middle of November... I decided it was time to do a recap of all my Instagram posts from the last few weeks. I did a lot of repeat posts from months a lot of the clothes I am wearing are no longer available :( But, I will say this... most of my clothes are from Forever 21... probably about 90% of my closet, so if you can't find the exact outfit, I am sure you will find something similar there :)

    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    My Top 5 Online Resources

    I am always talking about all of the different online/app resources that I use for studying and I figured it would be a good time to sit down and actually make a video talking about my tips. If you have any resources that you use for studying that you would like to share, please leave it in the comments section of the video.

    My Top 5 Online Resources

    1: Quizlet, I have talked about quizlet in a few of my videos, especially when I bring up making notecards to study. It is this handy dandy app where you can create flash cards. You can either create your own or use the search bar and look for a specific topic. I was able to find all of the chapters for my Spanish book that someone else had created. I just had to make sure that it was correct, but it saved me a lot of time. The nice thing about this app is that you have your phone with you 24/7 so you have no excuse to not open the app for 5 minutes when you’re waiting for a friend or something. There are also games on the app that will help quiz you and memorize the words you’re studying. 

    2: YouTube, this one might seem like a no brainer but YouTube is actually a great resource for studying. I think so many people think of YouTube as a place for makeup tutorials and vlogs but I have used it so many times to understand a certain topic better. Like I’ve said in a few other videos there are a ton of songs that will help you memorize crazy concepts or even help you with learning a new language. My best advice for YouTube is to be patient and not be afraid to keep going deeper to find the video that will help explain it. I watched some videos that had thousands of views that helped me and watched others that only had 100.. it is all about trial and error and being patient!

    3: Purdue Owl, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have gone to this site for help. It has writing tips and tricks galore! I love any site that is super organized like this one here, you have general writing tips, subject specific writing and even job search writing tips! It has pretty much everything, plus a great little guide for MLA and AP style which for some reason I am never able to memorize. one day…need to find a song about it haha

    4: Mathway , umm does anyone else dread math? I made a video talking about some of the tips that I have learned over the years but this site has saved me so many times. They also have an app, but it is this great site where you can put in a math problem and it will solve it for you! I do have to say that if you use this for every single problem you will not learn the material…obviously. and you probably won’t do well on the test but it is helpful when you’re stuck, just so you can see the correct answer or check your work. At the top, you’re able to change to different levels of math including chemistry! Check it out, just don’t rely on it for everything :) 

    5: Khan Academy, this site has every single subject and it is wonderful, I wish I had found it sooner. Best thing about it, it is a free site! It helps you understand the subject with an instructional video , and then allows you to practice the topic with over 1000 different interactive exercises! They also have some great resources for the SAT and ACT that high schoolers would benefit from.