Monday, September 26, 2016

Tips & Tricks: History Class

When I was younger, I never really enjoyed all of the different subjects that I was to taking in school.... As I moved on through school and found myself in college, I quickly realized how interesting everything was. History is one of those things that I wish I paid more attention to when I was in middle and high school. I sorta just went through the motions, memorized, and then forgot about the info a few days after the test. 

I decided to put together a video about some tips & tricks that I learned over the years for taking a history class. Watch below and if you want, subscribe to my channel :)

1. Try creating flashcards to help you memorize. I made a "how I study with flashcards video" that you can watch here. In that video I talk about how I look at the whole process of creating the flashcards as studying. There are also great apps like Quizlet that allow you create flashcards on your phone, so you don't have to worry about writing out all of the info or carry it all around!

2. As we all know, History is all about dates and how one events connects to the other. It can be a little bit confusing with so much information. The one way that has helped me, especially as a visual learner is to create a mind map. I am able to color code which helps me visualize what time period each event is from. Tip: Just make sure your mind map follows some sort of chronological order so it is easier for you memorize when it comes to studying!

3. Taking notes in class can always be daunting, since there is a lot of information that is being thrown out there. What is important and what isn't? My best advice is so always stay on top of ALL reading assignments, even the boring ones. If you have a good idea of what the chapter is about, it will be easier for you in lecture to pull out the information that wasn't in the book. Once you get home, it is best to re write your notes, especially when it is still fresh in your mind... this is also a great time to write down any questions you have once you go over all of the material.

4. Many history exams have you writing an essay about an event, or you have to give your interpretation about a certain time. These can be hard. Some professors will  give you topics but some won’t. Just be aware when in lecture to listen carefully to see what topics they give more weight to. When it comes to studying, find out if you can what type of essay question it is. Is it an interpretation, a description of an event? etc. Then  create an outline and decide what you would write about it. I will then go and time myself, and write out what my answer would be. Of course, the question might vary so you will have to adjust your answer but at least knowing important details about an event will help you

5. Talk about it! the best way to remember information is to talk to others about what you are learning. History can be fascinating, so spark up a conversation with your parents or friends and ask them if they knew fill in the blank. or you can talk to your cat which is what I do. But, talking out loud and “teaching” someone the material is one of my favorite ways to memorize.

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