Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flour & Barley

I have another restaurant for all of you! My boyfriend and I frequent downtown, and are always looking for a new place to try! Flour & Barley which is a Brick Oven Pizzeria thingy was over in Seaport Village...which is gorgeous! They will be doing a lot of construction on it soon, so I recommend any tourists heading down there asap. The menu was pretty standard... pizzas, sandwiches, salads nothing too special in my opinion. Over the years, I have really realized how simple I am when it comes to my food. Give me a good hamburger and some fries and I am a happy camper. I am not someone who needs 4 different cheeses on my pizza! But, I have tried so hard to step out of my comfort zone and try new things because I know I am missing some pretty amazing dishes! 

Alright, so as far as my allergy goes, this place was great!
 Life would be soo much easier if places just put what type of oil and allergens on their menu but I get that would be a crazy request. but, a girl can dream.... But our waitress was lovely! She answered all of my questions and was able to admit when she didn't know the answer to something. She was quick, and wanted to help me out and make sure I was able to eat! So, if you have an allergy Flour & Braley is definitely willing to work with you.
 I'm pretty sure I am the only person who isn't a fan of appetizers. Mostly, because I can't stop eating whatever it is, and will end up being too full to eat my actual meal. I ended up letting my boyfriend take on these wings by himself and he said they were delicious!
This pizza was actually pretty good! Like I said I am not a huge fan of "fancy" pizzas, I am quite ok with just plain cheese but I was actually really happy we ordered this. It was their Bacon Blue pizza. It had yummy little slices of potatoes on it which were my favorite! Overall, it was pretty good and would definitely get it again if we ended up there!

oh ... he will probably not like this but here is my boyfriend standing in front of this cool art work  (@KelseyMontagueArt) that is in in the middle of Seaport Village. He secretly liked it.

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