Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tips & Tricks: Science Class

I have been trying to go through all of the subjects and talk to you all about some of the tips & tricks that I have figured out! Last weekend, I decided to post two videos since I have been lacking in that department. I did the History video along with this one here on Science. You can go ahead and watch it here or read below for the 5 tips that I have! If you have any tips that you would like to share, please leave a comment on the video! 

tip #1 - having a hard time memorizing the periodic table? or other diagrams like how the heart works? go to youtube and search for a song! Yes a song! People have created the periodic table song which will help you recite and memorize the periodic table of elements and there are other songs for other concepts! This is a really helpful tip for those of you who are auditory learners! Just think of how fast you memorize the lyrics to that new song, next up memorizing concepts for school in song style! or make up your own fun song or poem to help you remember any complicated concepts!

tip #2 keep up with the reading and syllabus so you can be prepared for lecture. In your syllabus there will usually be a topic of what will be discussed during lecture. If this is the case try and copy down any diagrams or illustrations before class so you aren’t having to scribble it out while its up on a slide. This way you will already have a general understanding of what it is about but you will be able to focus on what your professor is saying and really understand the small details as well.

tip #3 make sure you neatly write down any worked problems or equations. These are often hints at what will be on the test and having those worked out problems will give you a guide of what you could see in the future. If you find yourself confused don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or a classmate. 

tip #4 listen carefully to the class discussion, the questions that your classmates are asking are probably worth noting. Many times the questions that we have, others will have as well, so it is important to pay attention even when it is easy to zone out when the teacher isn’t talking. 

tip #5 revise your work. If you receive homework back that you didn’t do so awesome on, instead of shoving it into the black hole known as the backpack, take a look at what you did wrong so that you won’t make those mistakes again. If needed, take it to your teacher, and have them sit down with you and walk you through your errors. 

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